Each year, Riverdale World School Gondia welcomes new families to the School community. We strive to make the transition an easy and seamless one. Here is some useful contact information, as well as suggestions for the many ways parents can be involved in the life of the School. Below you’ll find Frequently Asked Questions, useful School contacts, and ways to get involved. And, of course, you are always welcome to contact any of the Admission staff.

Getting Involved at , Riverdale World School Gondia

Riverdale World School Gondia families have always participated in and contributed to the School community in a number of ways helping in making it the best CBSE school in Maharashtra. The School seeks volunteers throughout the year for a variety of events at the discretion of the Head of School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Primary Grade Start Days

Students entering Nursery begin with a half day of school (8:00 am-12:30 pm) from Monday to Friday. Saturday is holiday for young ones. Parents are notified of their child’s activities and worksheets along with hand holding from our team.

From 1st Grade students onwards, they begin with a full day from Monday to Saturday.

Timings and schedule are subjected to change which is notified to parents through various platforms.

Arrival & Dismissal

Doors open at 8:00 am and students should arrive no later than 8:20 am. Dismissal is 12:30 pm for Pre-primary students and Upper Grade students (Grades 1 onwards) dismiss at 3:45 pm on all days throughout the year.

Lunch and Other Meals

Students are provided nutritious meals in the Mess during their breaks. These meals are meticulously planned by the nutritionist and cooked in clean and hygienic environment.

Hostel Program

Our Hostel is available for boys and girls separately. Students are under the supervision of Hostel Superintendent.  Students attend Evening Classes from their respective subject teachers. A snack, recess, and study hall are offered daily. Enrichment activities such as music, Tae Kwon Do, Football, chess, and yoga etc. are available.

Safety Protocols

Each and every corner of the School is equipped with 24X7 CCTV for monitoring and safety of our students. The security is the highest priority of our school which is ensured by employing trained personnel.

Student Dress

Clothing should be School Uniform which should be neat and clean. Sports Dress would be worn for sports and Hostel dress for Hostel hours.

Announcements About School Closings

School closings and delays are posted on the School’s WhatsApp Class Groups, School App as well School’s Website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student/Parent Portal

The School’s website gives parents access to Student/Parent School Portal Login which is a replica of School app informing school resources, classroom information, news, and announcements. You will receive your login information from Admission Office once your admission is confirmed .

Student-Teacher Groupings

We strive to create a balanced classroom and student-teacher ratio of 25:1. Every classroom grouping is designed to enrich each child’s experience, as well as offer children the opportunity to learn with and from one another.

School Newsletters

Paper Castle is a quarterly School e-newsletter that includes a message from the Head of School, upcoming events, and student inputs.  Field Notes is published and contains highlights of Field Education experiences.

Parents Teachers Meeting

Parents Teachers Meeting are held 3-4 times per year, and are hosted by the Teachers and Administration Team. These sessions cover topics of their child’s progress, how can we work towards their betterment and discussing innovative ideas.

Parent Teacher Association

Parent-Teacher Association meetings are held at regular intervals and are open to all volunteered parents and staff with the management of the School. In this meeting, parents and teachers put forward their perspectives, scope of improvement, and other ideas for the development of all stakeholders.

Excursions and School Trips

School trips are planned for students of eligible classes along with set of teachers. These trips are engaging along with enrichment experiences seamlessly combining learning with leisure and creating great memories.

Student Progress Reports

Student progress reports are issued at the time of Periodic Tests, Half Yearly, and Annual examinations. These are available through the School App as well as the Student Login portal through the website on the date of declaration.

Ways to get involved (at the discretion of the Head of School)

  • Parents Teachers Association
  • Annual Function
  • Off-Campus Events
  • On-Campus Events

Additionally, parents may share their expertise and interests in support of the School’s Program by contacting us at