Riverdale World School Gondia progressive Nursery through 12th Grade curriculum supports students in caring about others and the world around them leading it to one of the best CBSE schools in Maharashtra. The extensive Field Education experiences teach them confidence and instill passions and a respect and appreciation for others. Riverdale World School Gondia students graduate with a love of learning, a depth of understanding, and strong sense of self.
The Outplacement Coordinator works closely with families as they explore and apply to Colleges/Universities. Riverdale World School Gondia graduates attend a number of different Colleges/Universities across the country. Yearly, our students matriculate to 10 to 15 different Colleges/Universities.
” Self Advocacy and Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses are two of the most important skills I took away from Riverdale World School Gonidia. As college was just introducing these ideas to some students, I was already implementing them to my advantage.”