Top residential facility is available for the pupils of Riverdale World School Gondia Maharashtra
Here at Riverdale World School Gondia there is choice for the students to opt for the residential facility- a very homely hostel accommodation where the child is placed in an artistically designed comfortable room with all the requisite facilities like personal wardrobe, study table and clean & hygienic toilets & bathrooms. Besides this, the Hostel constitutes numerous benefits to children preparing for a distinct & disciplined futuristic lifestyle such that it is recognised that they have achieved their schooling from a top school in Gondia . Here are few things which you might really want to know:

  • Nothing beats the healthy food served at the hostel. It is both delicious and healthy.
  • A well trained and qualified warden is hired to mentor the residents who act as both instructor and supervisor.
  • CCTV Surveillance with a secured personnel stationed at the hostel 24/7, parallel to no otherĀ school inĀ Gondia.
  • Essentials like hot water, laundry and tuck shops are at the disposal of residents.
  • The hostel is air cooled and the stringent cleaning regime is followed.
  • Children are monitored closely for any signs of fatigue and sickness. Individual attention is paid to such a child by the school administration. In house first aid kit and sick bay- serve the needy till a Physician visits the sick bay.
  • A fixed timetable for study hours takes care of any extra attention required in academics. It is ensured that children follow it religiously. Guest teachers are invited during exams to provide mentoring.
  • Recreation during weekends and special events are solemnized by children under the guidance of mentors and warden to makeĀ schooling inĀ GondiaĀ easy and enjoyable for the students.