1. The Riverdale World School Gondia Field Education Program is in a category by itself, offering hundreds of outings each year across all grades, taking children to see places and meet people in the city and beyond.
  2. “One would be hard-pressed to find another school getting kids out into the world as much as Riverdale World School Gondia .”
  3. “Education is not an affair of ‘telling’ and being told but an active and constructive process.”
  4. Field Education experiences aren’t a break from the curriculum—they are an integral part of the curriculum. Each field experience is linked tightly to one or more of a student’s subjects, which makes learning more exciting, more meaningful, and more relevant to children’s lives.
  5. Our Field Education Program reinvents the “field trip,” going beyond the traditional look-and-see approach leading it to top CBSE school in Gondia Maharashtra, and engaging students deeply with the places they go and the people they meet there. Young Students learn about Public Transport from their visit to the Railway Station, Bus Station, or about the principles of Irrigation, Power Generation by visiting educational locations under the strict supervision of Teachers.